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Spring Break

Working at two different schools means two different spring breaks.  They are opposite weeks which would be more of a problem if I was full time or if I was going anywhere.  This year, due to the nature of life and plans changing my spring break will be a staycation.  I’m ok with that and have already started compiling my to do list.

This is my first year in both schools.  While I am enjoying my time, staff, and students, this break is needed.  I’ve implemented monthly classroom guidance for all of K – 8 (3 sections each), running small groups, and my individual list of students continues to grow.  This is all being done in only two days a week.  My break will consist of some work as the schools don’t coincide with each  other, babysitting my niece and nephews a few days, and some actual down time.  I enjoy scrapbooking, card making, baking, and reading which are all on my list.  My reading list is long with “work” books and I have decided to take advantage of the ASCA Bullying Prevention Specialist certificate while it is still free. (Check out ASCA’s website under professional development to find out more.  It is free until June 30, 2014 after that it is $99 for members. The link is below.)

Today is my first official day of spring break and it is off to a great start.  I slept in, enjoyed my coffee and breakfast and am catching up on a few shows.  The rest of the days plans include some journaling, a little bit of housework, and happy hour with coworkers.  Tomorrow, I have a coffee date with a dear friend and some time in my craft room.  How are you spending your spring break?

ASCA Bullying Prevention Specialist Training